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Budo (Martial Arts)


“is a treasure of human culture that has been handed down through hundreds of years as a priceless heritage. This valuable body of knowledge shows us the way to seek perfection of self through physical, mental and spiritual training. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve Budo for future generations. The benefits of learning budo are many. However, the path is a long one and many groups are trying to create a shortcut. There are no ‘shortcuts’ in real Traditional Martial Arts – the path is long because that is the only way to reap the benefits.”

Youth Karate

      Our Youth classes are divided into; Pre-K (Ages 3-4), Juniors (Ages 5-9), and Teens (Ages 10-15). Kids get a Kick out of learning Karate. The classes promote listening, self-discipline, concentration, and building a strong character. Karate also improves school performance.  

Adult Karate

       While having a great physical workout, the students learn this beautiful art of self-defense. It is based on using the body as a whole, rather than relying on the muscular strength of the arms and legs alone. It reduces stress, improves agility, speed, and overall health.


      The ancient art of Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship is unique and dynamic with its roots in the Samurai warrior era. One who studies the traditional Art of Batto-do can apply its rewards in all aspects of life.


“My son has been attending this dojo for several years and has become a more confident and stronger individual. Not only does Halperin Sensei teach them traditional martial arts, he also teaches them the reality of life! He instills discipline and empowers the body and mind with strength and confidence. I would highly recommend this dojo for anyone who is looking to learn authentic martial arts from a highly trained Sensei”.

Hawa H.

“Our journey with karate started 5 years ago when my daughter was three and half years old. I had a hard time with her discipline. She was super active child with tons of energy. I was walking around our plaza and saw the advertising of a group of 3-4 year old children on the dojo. I had only one question for sensei Halperin:” Do they listen to you?” and he replied :” they don’t have any other choices” I signed my daughter in. The beginning was super hard for all of us. Sensei teaches strict, traditional Japanese Karate-do and treats his students very seriously! Discipline and paying attention were two the hardest things to learn for my daughter. It took a year for her to earn her very first belt. Since that she made a great progress and learned so much! Many times I asked her if she wants to switch her activities from karate to dance or gymnastics and she always answered: ”No!” Karate teaches not only self defence stuff but also self confidence, focus, self discipline, respect, good health and developing a strong character. Sensei makes sure that all students in his class work hard enough and try to push their limits. This year we went for a huge tournament Shuhari Cup to Saint Louis which featuring athletes from the US and Canada, . My daughter got two gold medals on this tournament. I think both of those medals belong to Sensei as a merit and recognition of his great job”.

Best wishes,

Anna Ossowska-Borowik

“My son Vincent started with Sensei Halperin when he was 3 years old (he is now 13). Sensei Halperin trains both the body and mind of his students, who range from young children to adults. Sensei Halperin instills a respectful discipline in all of his students, not often found today in schools and other organized sports. My son’s self-confidence, physical fitness and discipline have all improved and positively impacted his efforts in school and other sports”

Bob Baltera

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Traditional Martial Arts Center

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